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Milton Erickson Wisdom – Courageous Thinking

As  I came to become acquainted with Milton Erickson in my hypnotherapy training with him I developed a respect for his way of thinking. Not only was his thinking innovative and independent, it was courageous. Today inner child healing is an established part of pop psychology culture. In the 1970’s it was pure inspiration. Yes, we had Freud and Dr. Spock, noted for his child care books, but no one of authority had written about what each human being knows intuitively: that who we are is a result of what happened to us from the time we became a fetus and that if we could only go back and change things we could be much happier human beings. Milton found a way to go back. To me that’s creative courageous thinking. He trusted his human intuition and followed it. I have a school for teaching advanced hypnotherapy. I repeatedly teach my students to trust their inner intuitive knowingness. As a part of their training I ask them to participate in the therapy as a client themselves as a part of their education. One of the greatest classrooms is the classroom of our inner knowingness and the experience of self transformation. As a therapist when you can relate to what your clients are experiencing as a result of having done your own “work” then you become a more effective therapist. Doing this work takes courage and to be a great therapist you must have courage. Thank you again, Milton Erickson.

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