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Milton Erickson Wisdom – Hypnosis Induction

Milton Erickson, the father of hypnotherapy, has had a profound effect on our culture and more personally, on me and my practice as a hypnotherapist. I recall during my training with Milton a student asking him how long of an induction is required to receive effective hypnosis suggestion. He smiled and replied, “My wife can walk from the living room to the kitchen and on her way hypnotize herself and suggest to herself that she remember something.” By this I think Milton meant that focus and intention outweighs length of induction. He told us that hypnosis is such a natural state that we pass in and out of altered states of consciousness throughout a day. We can all learn how to give ourselves suggestions by temporarily entering into a focused state within ourselves, have a thought, give ourselves a suggestion and then return to normal business. By just closing your eyes and going within you automatically place yourself in an altered state of consciousness. Although I do use formal induction in my practice I use hypnosis in all forms. For example, I may ask a client to simply close their eyes and imagine something. This simple act begins the process of accessing the subconscious mind. Once again, thank you Milton Erickson for your gifts.

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