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How To Connect To Your Center

Donna was always preoccupied with herself, her problems, how she looked, and how people were treating her. Her preoccupation with herself was an attempt at finding happiness. However the more preoccupied she became the more unhappy she was. Finally she reached a point of such unhappiness that she sought help. When she called me she said she wanted me to hypnotize her to be happy. I explained that her unhappiness was more a result of certain ways that she thought and acted and that it would be helpful to take a look at those things. She agreed and we began the journey toward her goal of being happy. Gradually she came to realize that the more she focused on getting the more unhappy she was. She began to shift her focus on giving in the way of listening to others and having compassion for others. She began to do things for others that she felt inspired to do. To her surprise she began to feel more at peace and found comfort and pleasure in her new way of thinking and acting. Without realizing it she was connecting with her higher self when she made this shift. Soon she began the practice of going within herself and making that connection consciously. There she found the direction and wisdom she had unconsciously been seeking. Donna had found an avenue to happiness.

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