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Moderate. That’s the key in exercise. This approach allows you to make a commitment to and maintain healthy exercise habits throughout your life, not just for some event coming up or to get a quick result. Some people may be tempted to push too hard and do too much too soon to compensate for past neglect. Some people may be tempted to commit to an over zealous plan that cannot be stuck to in the long run. When you think of creating and committing to an exercise plan think “long term.” Make a lifetime commitment to healthy exercise. It will pay you back in many ways and may even extend your life. It will certainly enhance the quality of your life. Exercise for health, not for looks. Looking good takes an inordinate amount of work and time consumption. A body that looks too well sculpted can advertise your ego attachment to looking good and suggests that you may neglect other things in life that are far more important than having a well sculpted body. When you exercise to look good you are seeking confirmation of your value from other people. Seek your worthiness from your good deeds and from within yourself. And remember: moderate exercise over time is good for your heart, lungs, and all the rest…not to mention your well being.

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