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Life Purpose: Getting In Touch

The primary reason people don’t know and therefore don’t follow their personal calling is because they are out of touch with themselves. Difficulties and stresses in childhood can cause one to shut off this vital connection to the self. This disconnection can last a lifetime unless the individual does some soul searching (therapy) and reconnects. One’s calling or life purpose is a natural part of being human. It stems from those gifts we have been given at birth. It is our creative self longing to be expressed. It can be seen in those things that we automatically gravitate toward. It is always fun to us and when you think of it makes your heart beat a little faster. It can become a passion. This passion helps you get through the difficulties that arise in any endeavor. You can tell you are finding your life purpose when you realize that it would be great fun and it causes you to get excited just thinking about it. In this way hard work can be seen as fun. Everyone has a life purpose. Some may seem more flamboyant or creative than others but the passion and fun is always there. Also, it doesn’t matter what the activity is, there is always the element of being of service in some way. So if you seek to know your life purpose, first go deep within yourself and find that which automatically calls you. Find a way to adapt it to an activity that would be fun and that you feel passionate about. By the way, the passion can build as you follow your life purpose.

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