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Life Purpose: Trusting Yourself

The awareness of what your life purpose or calling is arises from within your own self. Asking another person such as a psychic, minister, family member, or best friend will not fully reveal (if at all) your life purpose to you. You and only you have the answer since it dwells within the intimacy of your own being. Go deep within yourself and quietly seek out the answer. If a first you don’t get an answer keep asking. In truth your mind is constantly sending you messages in the form of likes, dislikes, intuitive feelings, and spontaneous thoughts. Much of the time we tend to ignore or dismiss these things. Don’t. Listen to yourself. You have within you great wisdom and knowledge, far beyond what you believe you have. Trust what you hear, sense, and feel. At first the message come to you with a tiny little voice. It grows with your acknowledgment. Soon it can become a resounding echo though your body, mind, and soul. Then you really know it is your calling. Remember that your chosen activity reflects your natural born creative longings. Your calling can be anything, any activity as long as it brings you a deep satisfaction and it offers your love and caring for others. Trust yourself. You do know.

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