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Life Purpose: Ways To Live It

Many think that a life purpose is having a paying career that they can’t wait to get to every day. Perhaps so and perhaps not. A life purpose is putting into action what you know deep inside yourself to be true and good and is a creative expression of joy and service. It could be the love, patience, and compassion you give to others as they randomly pass through your life. That is truly a wonderful life purpose. To make a conscious effort at giving in these ways to others will make a difference in so many people’s lives. A kind act, a supportive word, the simple act of going out of your way for another person is a powerful way to live your life. So, you don’t  need a paying career to live your life purpose. However, within your paying career to put into action love, patience, compassion is making your career a place to live your life purpose. There are good teachers and bad teachers. There are good janitors and bad janitors. There are good attorneys and bad attorneys. There and good repair technicians and there are bad. There are good doctors and bad doctors. There are good real estate agents and bad ones. You see where this is going. What makes the difference between a good and a bad  career person is the amount of patience, love, and compassion they put into their work and the people they interact with. A life purpose isn’t so much about what you do as it is the mind and heart set in which you do it.

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