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Letting Go In Therapy

Dear One congratulations on being sober for so many years. Your work in AA has served you well. Now you say it’s time to go deeper and explore the secrets you have been keeping from yourself. Those secrets that have caused you to be hyper and to have behaviors that you realize don’t truly serve you. You realize that you are afraid of intimacy and that it’s difficult for you to feel your emotions. You say you don’t cry. You want to connect with yourself to that you can feel whole. Dear One please consider several things. First, you deserve to feel whole and you can. You somehow disconnected from yourself years ago when you experienced some events or conditions that caused you to separate. You can reconnect to yourself. Second, it will take some time. You are impatient with yourself and expect your therapy and yourself to produce something clear and tangible immediately. This kind of change happens gradually and sometimes painfully. There is no instant gratification with recovering from being disconnected. You must let go of expectations that this will be a quick and easy fix. You must fight for your freedom through patience and perseverance. You must relax into this and begin to trust your deeper mind allowing it to speak to you without you having to control it. You must allow your controlling mind to step back and trust your deeper mind. It will guide the way.

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