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Free From Worry

Dear One you have struggled with worry about others and bad things happening all your life and it has drained you to the point where you have simply withdrawn from the world in order to preserve yourself. That is perfectly understandable. And now since you have begun core belief therapy you have new hope. Your new hope comes from your recent realization that your worry actually comes from real events and conditions in the past that you can now remember and connect to your current pattern of worry. It is true that we make decisions as an infant, a fetus, and as a child. Yes, we do make decisions about ourselves and how to live life at such early ages. We may not have been aware of having made such life altering decisions when it’s happening but indeed we do. And these decision will affect us our entire lives until such time we recall them and connect them to the present. In doing so your adult mind begins to solve the problem. For example, you may now say to yourself, “I’m safe. I don’t need to worry any more. I never had control over other’s actions and I don’t now. I can allow other’s to be responsible for their own experience. I no longer need to carry that burden.” How freeing is that!

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