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Life Purpose: Definition

What is a calling or life purpose? Everyone has a calling. Ultimately everyone’s calling or life purpose embodies giving of the self. Whether one is a janitor, an architect, a beautician, a parent, a CEO, a dog walker, a gardener, a PhD, a high school drop out, a religious leader, or sells door to door, the purpose beyond the function is to give. Over the years I have had clients complain, “I don’t know what my life purpose is. I’ve thought about everything and nothing really strikes me.” Perhaps such a complaint is based on the expectation that a life purpose is a very specific and limited set of actions that serve that person alone. Life is often difficult and complicated. Sometimes you don’t have control over the circumstances of your life. You can’t control the economy, the weather, war or peace, or any other outside change in your environment. Changing circumstances can rip away your fondest dreams. Things can happen that can limit your choices. This should not matter. If you are being true to your highest nature you will find some way to give of yourself. That giving will fill you beyond your imagination. In fact, it is during the most dire of circumstances that some find their greatest calling. In this series on Life Purpose I will make comment on various aspects of this important aspect of everyone’s life.

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