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What is a Hypnotherapy Session Like?

What is a Hypnotherapy Session Like? 1What is a hypnotherapy session like? Hypnosis alone is shrouded with many misconceptions so it’s no wonder hypnotherapy should be thought of as mysterious. Well, here is a description of what a hypnotherapy session with myself, Wendy Hill, M.A. would possibly be like.

First consider that I will have already taken your history. This means that I will have asked you many questions about your life and childhood. In that session it is very likely that I will already know a great deal about your self defeating core beliefs and how they originated. The sessions after your history-taking session will then offer you the opportunity to identify, express, and heal wounds in your past that have been affecting you in the present. In those sessions I will draw upon a number of processes and techniques that help in this transformation. I also employ many counseling and psychotherapeutic techniques.

You may opt for a two hour session. This will give time for us to talk and time for in-depth processes. So after you have arrived and said “hello” to Willie (see the link, Therapy Dog, on my website, we will settle down on my comfortable couches and just talk. It’s probable that I will ask you what you think is important to talk about. I will probably let you lead the way. It’s always best to start from where you are, not from where I might think you should be. Whatever you have to say will invariably lead to the opportunity to look more deeply at whatever patterns of behavior you may have and to explore their origins. I will ask questions that will give you the opportunity to look within yourself for answers. Since I believe that within you are the answers and the healing power, I trust that we as a team will be led there through this kind of exploration.

The second hour may be spent in what I call the “Meditation Room”. That’s a room with a recliner chair for you and a upright chair for me. I may have you listen to a relaxation recording for a few minutes to allow you to enter into the focused inward state known as hypnosis. (To learn more about this see the links on hypnosis on my website, I will then suggest that you focus your attention on a certain recent experience that has caused you conflict. Then I will suggest that your mind will show you the original experience or experiences that set you up to have the current conflict. I will suggest that you trust whatever your mind shows you as it will ultimately take you to the opportunity to heal. In this way we as a team will discover the cause of current conflict and give us the opportunity to transform self defeating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. To learn more about how this transformation comes about check out my book, The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life. You can read a chapter from my book on my website Home Page ( entitled Your Original Programming.

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