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Six Secrets for Super Self Esteem – Secret One

Welcome to the series of articles on Super Self Esteem. Self esteem is essential for happiness. Super Self Esteem is reflected by the willingness to be yourself – your true self, the self that dwells deep within you. People with super self esteem live their lives from a knowingness of who they are and what their calling is. They do what they are inwardly guided to do. They are at home with themselves and find joy every day through experiencing what they have created.

How does this come about? How can you be that person? The answer lies within Secret Number One: Be silent, look within yourself, and trust what you find.

There are no answers that truly matter that dwell outside of yourself. Your joy, your path, your greatest comfort lies within you. You have within you a knowingness, a “place” within you that connects with your essential self. Everyone has this “place”. It is a part of you from the beginning. However, as we grow through childhood we can lose touch with it. We lose it through looking outside of ourselves to find who we are, what we should want, how we should act, think, feel, and what we deserve. Other people’s opinions and perspectives become your automatic focus. You may repeatedly ask yourself what do THEY want of me? How can I get THEIR approval? Do THEY think I am smart enough, good looking enough, cool enough, thin enough, accomplished enough, rich enough, young enough, old enough, educated enough? The list goes on and on. You can spend your life striving to find yourself through your perceived perception others have of you and you will NEVER find happiness.

Your happiness lies within YOU. What you should do with your life, how you should think, feel, and act all lie within you. The sooner you realize this and take responsibility for this, the sooner you will experience Super Self Esteem.

You can find your inner “place” of truth by simply being silent. Try this. Turn off all noise. No television, no music, no cell phone, no nothing. Just sit. Be silent. At first you will probably feel restless and uncomfortable. This discomfort is natural and will pass. Sit through the uncomfortable feelings. They will transform to the next stage of getting to your “place” of truth. Your body and mind need to settle. Let them do so.

Turn your mind within yourself. Notice what you are feeling and thinking without judging. If you dealing with some upsetting condition or event in your life allow your mind to go there and simply feel it. The feelings may be uncomfortable. Feel them anyway. You need to face them and feel them. Don’t sweep them under the carpet. That only leads to addictive, compulsive behavior and puts you further from yourself. So feel your feelings. Don’t be afraid of them. They will peak and then go into resolution. If you do this you will get closer to your place of truth. It’s like you have to go through the gauntlet of your ego and fear emotions. Once you pass  through you are allowed admittance to the royal place within.

Tell yourself to go to your center, to the true you. Trust your mind and feelings. They will take you there. You will know you are there when you begin to feel joy rising within yourself. This will be your place of truth. It is your spiritual center. Trust it. It will be your guide and comforter for life. If you go there once a day, even for a little while, your life will begin to improve. You will find the peace, comfort, courage and clarity you need to be your true self.



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