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What I Learned From My Dog

Willie is my therapy dog. He comes to my office with me and brings the energy of innocence and love to all who enter. Willie is a silent teacher and he has taught me much as have Joey, Tinker Bell (cat), and Max (all therapy animals). Animals are powerful in their teaching. They don’t demand you learn, but we do anyway if we want. I have learned from my animals that simplicity is best. I simply love you. I simply want something. I simply am joyful. I simply am. They say in their quiet way that they count because they exist. So, I count because I exist. You count because you exist.  They say, “What’s not to love.”

They say, “I will love you even though I may not have my needs filled.” Willie, Joey, Tinker Bell, and Max reflect a spiritual truth that forgiveness and openness offer us a kind of salvation. They do not hold grudges. They simply go on and look up at us with round-eyed innocence.

I am grateful beyond words for these lessons and the love my animals bring to my life. For those of you who are lucky enough to have a relationship with an animal you must also have the same wordless gratitude.

So, here is to the wonderful animals that populate the world and who offer us the salvation that comes with their silent presence.

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