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Hypnotherapy–A Healing Truth by R.D. Cooper

Learn how an 87-year old woman went from doomed to daring, death-bed to daily wellness, by believing it could be so. This is a true story about physical healing that occurred in 2010, and the role hypnosis played in the process. Optimum benefits of hypnotherapy are proportionate to the ability of the therapist, who appropriately guides a subject into that altered state of deeply relaxed focused intention, where they realize access to their natural curative abilities, without limits of typical judgment and prejudice of the conscious mind, in conjunction with the subject’s willingness and desire to achieve their intention.

The purpose of the article is to offer a link to the power of positive thinking and show often-missed subtleties that play a role in what ultimately determines our daily wellness, and the role physicians and therapists may play in the process. The accomplished hypnotherapist finds there are innumerable unresolved childhood issues that limit adult wellness, but that relationship need not be surveyed in this case. This is simply a “feel-good story” with a happy ending for the subject, with a world of possibilities for the reader.

The subject, at age 86 described her condition as, “feeling tired and needing a nap every day, and was also bothered by a nasty cough that she couldn’t seem to get rid of”. She assumed it was just old age but scheduled an appointment with her doctor to be sure nothing else was wrong. The subject “MJ” has full medical coverage and complete healthcare provided by one of the major providers. The appointment resulted in chest x-rays and lab tests, and then, a same-day admission to the hospital. Information details were minimal (“we’re eliminating things”) the first day. The following afternoon, with five family members visiting, found MJ cheerful, joking with all, and saying she didn’t know why she had to be in the hospital, that she felt fine now.  (That “recovery” is not uncommon – but a different story).

A few hours later, a diagnosis of “pulmonary fibrosis” was presented by the doctor, who advised that there is no cure, and that MJ’s condition would unfortunately just continue to worsen, as lung-function decreased. An oxygen tank and mask would likely be in her very near future. It was very easy for all to see her physiology change when presented with this “news”. Many more tests were administered and about 48-hrs later, the news worsened. Another doctor told her matter-of-factly, that she was in “congestive heart failure”, and that was what was creating most of her trouble. MJ had decided years ago, that she would not submit herself to any major operations, and that position was not altered by the news. She had received her death sentence, and it showed in a rapidly declining daily function.

With lung-treatments and medications, MJ was released and sent home, under the care of her son. I observed her before, and then during the weeks immediately following her release. I am a fan of physicians and the cautionary clause here, would be that I would agree that “false hope” should not be offered to patients and family. Here is the accompanying clause (the other side of the coin) … sometimes, “presentation is everything”.  We each have a personal ability to heal at the cellular level, but few are aware of or benefit from that power.

Mom checked into the hospital “feeling tired” and with a cough. She had been living alone, was fully caring for herself, cooking all her meals, driving her golf cart to weekly bridge games, and participating fully in family events. The day I took her home from the hospital, she put on a nightgown, and literally could not walk without assistance, and then for only about 20 feet maximum before stopping to rest.  She could cook no meals, or even make coffee – “I just don’t have the strength” was her statement. She got assistance from other female family members, but didn’t bother to get dressed, rather lived in her nightgown. The same routine followed for two weeks.  She fell twice, fortunately not breaking bones.

Being a student of hypnosis, human behavior, and having been able to positively affect my own state of being with the power of the mind, I sifted through more fascinating recent and older articles regarding “spontaneous remissions”. I began “feeding” her information of hope and inspiration without specifically talking about her diseases. I got the idea from Milton Erickson’s “Tomato Plant Induction”, something the legendary therapist used to focus on an interest of the patient (gardening), while conversationally weaving in comfort and healing, and inducing a trance-state. You can just “google” to find the story; it’s interesting.

MJ began asking questions about her condition, which included requests for how she could get better, which opened the door to more direct-suggestion and information. She watched several videos, read articles, and within weeks, returned to a position of health. Great news occurred when a specialist told her, that she didn’t necessarily have either of those conditions diagnosed. Now only months later, she is better than she has been in years. No cough. No oxygen tank. Cooks everyday. Cares for herself. Goes out to shop. I didn’t cure her; I cannot cure others. Neither did physicians cure her; she cured herself. If you would like additional information, or would like to just discuss this case as it relates to someone you know, feel free to contact me or the therapist mentioned below.  Remember to structure your communication based upon “what you would like to see happen”, with the best of intention and positive expectation. Supplementing your primary care with complementary medicine can enhance your overall wellness. Ask your doctor how to include alternative medicine in your daily life, for a healthier, happier you.

Wendy Hill, M.A., is a clinical hypnotherapist who possesses that rare combination of exceptional education and experience, blended with a calming intuitive nature that immediately puts a client at ease.  Her skills have been honed over decades with the help of thousands of experiences. Call Wendy at 760-994-9296.

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