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Do You Have Trouble Believing In Yourself? By R.D. Cooper

This is an article about hypnotism, trance, and age-old wisdom. How powerful is the “ability to believe”? Are there particular aspects of your life that you know would be improved and more enjoyable, if only you could have full faith in yourself? If you were supremely confident, do you think you would be more appealing to significant others? Would you receive greater recognition and reward in the workplace? If the limits were removed, would you simply “connect” better with the universe and become a happier healthier individual?

There are many names given for methods to facilitate that connection. Among the processes is hypnosis, where the subject can enter a trance state with a deep focus permitting an ability to recognize past events that now unconsciously block desired outcomes in a conscious reality. If an individual is aware of their possibilities, and decides to seek the assistance of a hypnotherapist, they will discover a deeper ability to access their potential.

I am fortunate to live in San Diego, CA. This year one of the universities basketball teams is excelling and is nationally ranked in the Top 10. The SDSU Aztecs also have a student section that supports the team in dramatic fashion. “The Show” as they are referred to, offer chants to bolster their team, and perhaps deflate the opposition. As the energy builds in the arena, their grand finale proclaims, “I be-lieve!” “I be-lieve that we!” “I be-lieve that we will win!” With a current record of 30-2, they’ve done a lot of believing, and a lot of winning.

Love has been defined as “seeing the best in others”. That is easily my favorite description because everyone has a “best” and if others search for and support it, then each has the ability to love all. Granted, that is at times not easy, but it is a choice that we have available to us. At any given moment, we have available to us, the power to give another, one of the greatest gifts of all—the gift of increased confidence. Think of how a child’s face lights up when praised, knowing that if at times not as obvious, an adult also lights up inside when supported.

It is critical to our greatest well-being that we accept and also support ourselves with praise for the best of who we are. If you experience difficulty in accepting praise, or have a hard time feeling worthy, or finding your spiritual connection … a hypnotherapist may be the perfect guide to help you find hidden details from the past that unconsciously stifle your ability to see and be free.

How powerful is the ability “to believe” and what are some of the processes? I like hypnotherapy because results can be fast, and it directly focuses specifically on behaviors and benefits that the client desires, with the greatest of intent for a positive outcome. “Trance work” goes back to our earliest ancestors. We’ve “called upon a higher power” without and within ourselves by dancing around fires, moving to the rhythmic beat of drums, ingesting potions, and “losing ourselves” in a state until consciousness shifted. The rhythmic beat of the hypnotist’s language patterns and interaction with client response is the civilized dance demonstrating the power of words that enable personal power to reveal what is needed to manifest a healing nature within. Hypnotherapy can be the extremely powerful all-natural remedy that unlocks your true potential. Hypnosis offers the possibility of change for those who have been unable to believe … shifting to able believers.

Wendy Hill, M.A., is a clinical hypnotherapist who possesses that rare combination of exceptional education and experience, blended with a calming intuitive nature that immediately puts a client at ease.  Her skills have been honed over decades with the help of thousands of experiences. Call Wendy at 760-994-9296.

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