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In A Hurry?

In a hurry?  Do you find yourself feeling the pressures of getting somewhere or getting something done soon? Did you know that feeling of having a back log of things to get to is robbing you of your peace of mind? Say, for example, you take a morning walk. While you are on your walk do you think of all the things you have to do that day and find yourself feeling anxious about getting started? This kind of thinking is a bad habit that you can break. It’s a bad habit because while you engage in this kind of thinking your very life is passing you by. You are living in the future and not enjoying the present. Life has the potential for so many little pleasures. These pleasures can only be found by living in the present. OK, make your lists of what you have to do. Then do what you have to do but do each thing in the mind set of being in the moment. Don’t think about your next “project” or thing that’s on your list. Be in the now with what you do. So, if you are on a morning walk and have a busy day before you, concentrate on being on your morning walk only. Focus your mind on what you see, feel, and hear. Feel the movement of your body. Simple pleasures will be yours. When you are done you can do the next thing. If you need thinking or planning time then allow time for thinking and planning. Perhaps a thinking and planning meditation. This way you don’t have to do it while you could be enjoying something else. Be in the here and now with that next thing. Your life will be yours.

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