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Breaking Through To Your Feelings

Dear One you tell me that you can’t remember things from your childhood but that you do remember your father yelling and your mother being angry at him. You do remember being a child when your parents were in constant conflict and divorced. But you say that it didn’t bother you. How is it possible that these things didn’t bother you? How could they not devastate any child? You tell me you looked at porn at an early age and that you would shop lift and that later you got caught for illegal activity. Why do you think a child would do such things? You had to find some way to express your unacknowledged feelings and try to feel safe and OK. Dear One until you acknowledge your feelings from these past childhood conflicts you will continue to have the anxiety and depression you are currently experiencing. Use you will to break through to your feelings. Realize that you are safe now to acknowledge and express them. You are no longer trapped in childhood. Your feelings are a vital part of your well being. They help you cope with and release conflict. You emotions used responsibly will help free you from the binds that restrict you. Tell yourself these things and use your will to free yourself. Feel.

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