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How Play Can Help Worry, Depression, And Anxiety

When you set aside those things that cause you worry in your life and focus on non-worry play you automatically let go of worry. Anxiety and depression can be a result of unnecessary worry. Play can put the things that cause you worry in a new and proper perspective. For example, simple things like walking in a beautiful place, singing, dancing or even slow moving to music, participating in a sport, playing a game that enrolls your body (not so much your mind), painting, or just plain humming while you do some mindless task. The trick is getting out of your worry pattern and into your body. By this I mean getting out of your head and worry thinking and into something that feels good inside your body. Put your hand right above your tummy…the pit of your stomach. That’s your feeling center. If you feel good there, worry leaves you. That’s being in your body. Try it. Sing a little song that you like. Forget that maybe you can’t sing. That doesn’t matter. Singing is basic to human nature and automatically lifts your spirit. Sing without judgment. Notice how good you can feel in the pit of your stomach. Keep it up. Now notice how your perspective on things changes. Even a little bit is a good change.

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