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How Does My Childhood Impact My Life Today?

Your childhood has everything to do with how you feel, act, and think in your current life. This is because your subconscious mind has been programmed by your interpretation of your experiences from infancy and throughout your childhood. You learn to see and react to things in a way dictated by your experience. Your experiences as an infant and child are so new and so profound to you at the time that they impact you very deeply. Your experiences create your beliefs about who you are, who others are, and what to expect from the world. These beliefs are called “core beliefs” and are held deep within your subconscious mind. Your core beliefs define your deepest view of your self-worth and what you must do to fill your basic needs for love, attention, safety, and control.

So how does this interpret into your current life? Here is an example: Imagine that in your childhood your parents were under stress and did not pay you enough attention. As a result you may interpret this as meaning that you do not deserve the attention and that there is something wrong with you. You may then decide that because you are not perfect enough in your parents’ eyes to get their attention you must strive to be perfect. This striving can become a pattern of behavior that lasts a lifetime until you recognize its origin and replace it with a more helpful core belief such as “I am worthy just as I am.”

This is only an example. We have many experiences and those experiences that impact us the most profoundly are called “high impact moments” or “high impact experiences.” You can come to understand your damaging original experiences and your interpretation of them. You can transform those self-defeating core beliefs that are affecting you today. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy that offers inner child healing and regression can help identify and transform old outmoded core beliefs into core beliefs that truly serve you as a mature adult. As a therapist I specialize in identifying and transforming the subconscious self-defeating core beliefs from childhood into core beliefs that support healthy adult experience. To learn more go to

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