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How To Communicate Better

How we communicate is perhaps the most powerful way we create our happiness or unhappiness. Learning to communicate compassionately and effectively is an art form. We learn how to communicate in childhood by watching our parents and others. We see how they communicate…how they attempt to fill their needs. Poor and self-defeating communication patterns are generally passed down generation to generation so we are often taught what not to do and say. Here is the good news: you can learn effective communication skills as an adult. I can teach you a really effective method I call “Secret Dialogue.” I have taught many of my clients this tool and watched it change their lives in amazing ways. Once you learn the basic secret of this skill you can practice on your own and experience your own amazing results.

There is yet another communication problem that is currently rising in our digital culture. Because so many people are texting, emailing, and using social media to communicate they are losing the ability to connect by word of mouth. This is a terrible loss and will continue to cause serious problems in all relationships. Classes and workshops on live communication are rising up to meet the demand for better communication. If you are interested in a class or workshop please contact me, Wendy Hill, Ph.D. for events in Encinitas and Idyllwild, California.

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