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Sexual Abuse Anywhere in America

Last evening’s Academy Awards audience was honored to hear Lady GaGa sing her song about sexual abuse on college campuses. Sexual abuse is everywhere and knows no limits as who, age, where, or when. How does one fight such a monster, a monster that can alter the victim’s life for the rest of their life causing shame, rage, low self-esteem, addiction…the list goes on. The weapon I recommend is “know thyself.” Come to know and understand your True Self and you will come to know and understand your true innocence. Trauma such as sexual abuse can trigger all manner of psychological self-abuse. The victim often turns to addiction in an attempt to avoid the pain that constantly rises up within them. By coming to know your true nature you come to realize that who you are at the core is innocent, loved, worthy, and ultimately safe. But first one must face the monster that the sexual abuse created within the psyche. This can be emotional but on the other side is peace and resolution. One does not have to do this alone. A therapist such as myself can guide you through the gauntlet of sorrow, rage, shame, and despair. I personally have worked with hundreds of victims over the years, leading them to freedom. I can be found at and on Facebook at CentrePoint, Inc. Watch my videos. Have hope. You deserve a life of love and joyous adventure.

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