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Willie’s Seat Belt

With the purchase of a car I have a renewed commitment for Willie to have a seat belt. Visions of having to stuff Willie into some kind of difficult-to-install and too-restrictive-to-enjoy kind of contraption filled my imagination. Nevertheless I took a trip over to PetSmart to check out their doggy seat belts. To my surprise I discovered an easy solution. Willie already wears a halter for walking. PetSmart offers a strap that loops onto the already existing seat belt in the car. All I have to do is plug the car seat belt in with the strap and Willie’s halter strap hooks onto the doggie seat strap. I can even choose the length of the “lead” so Willie can be “tied in” close or loose. Now I and Willie have the security of Willie not becoming too much of a flying object in case of a quick stop. And Willie is so cute when he jumps into his seat. He curls up and waits to be hooked up to his seat belt. Another good thing about this doggie seat belt is that it is very easy to remove and place in any seat in the car, front or back. So now Willie has his own seat belt.  We’re both happy.

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