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Helpless Rage

Dear One, you say that you have a temper, that out of the blue you can go into a rage. You say that this has in the past caused you much pain and shame. You have sought out and found the source of this anger in your childhood when you felt helpless. You say that you can feel rage when you perceive someone forbidding you from doing something you want or committing an injustice. You say that your emotions can get so out of control that you say and do things that hurt others. Now you are learning that you are no longer a powerless child. You are learning that you can say and do things to empower yourself without having to use so much rage energy. You are learning that by simply recognizing your old outmoded beliefs about your personal power you can immediately upgrade them to beliefs and attitudes that give you freedom. You can sit back and notice what you’re feeling and why and if you don’t like the feeling you can simply change your attitude. You are realizing that being in a helpless state of rage robs you of not only your clear thinking but of your peace of mind. Take the time to slow down and ask yourself the right questions that will lead you to positive communication. You don’t need the rage to accomplish what you need. A calm mind is a productive mind.

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