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“Saving” People

Dear One you are frequently try to “save” your friends. Recently you made a call for a friend that would have been uncomfortable for them to make themselves. They had made an appointment for something then they had a change of heart. Instead of calling the person they made the appointment with they called you and you volunteered to call them and cancel for them. So you made the call relieving them from the discomfort. Sometimes it’s helpful to allow people to have their discomfort. That’s how they grow. By protecting your friend you are keeping them from maturing. I wonder why you do this. For those into personal growth it’s obvious that people should take responsibility for their own mistakes. You have been into personal growth for years and yet you continue to do this. Perhaps the benefit for you in “saving” your friends is to keep people dependent on you and to keep them beholden to you. I know you are afraid of people being angry with you. You are afraid they will leave you. I guess that you do recognize this but are too afraid to take a stand. Perhaps in “saving” your friends you are trying to save yourself. Take heart, Dear One, and take a chance. People love you. They will understand when you communicate to them in the right way and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves.

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