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Deep Reflection

You need to participate in the unfolding of your life. A life of shallow reflection leaves you vulnerable to the subconscious whims that create self defeating and destructive thoughts and actions. Spend time in quiet thought. Turn off he radio in your car. Set aside your cell phone. Turn off the T.V and allow yourself to delve into your deeper self. Do you have the courage to sit quietly and just reflect? If sitting quietly is too  daunting then consider regular quiet reflective walks alone. During your reflections consider your life, your relationships, your past, your future, what you want, what you need, how you communicate, how you can give, what you need to change about yourself, or the nature of the universe.  Solve a problem, create something new, and make positive plans. Let your reflections lead you to a positive place even though your thoughts may take you to a dark place for a little while. By examining the darkness you can learn to find the light. You are a being of great depth. That is your legacy by birth. Plummet into your depths. You will discover you are far greater, more creative, and have more wisdom than you previously imagined.

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