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Lip Service

Do you tend to tell people what you think they want to hear? Do you say you will call someone when you have no intention of calling? Do you give compliments you don’t really mean? Do you make promises that seem to be true in the moment but fall apart later? If you do any … Read more

Self Indulgence

Most of us know that to accomplish anything requires effort and sometimes some discomfort. That’s not the problem. The problem may be a desire to escape the effort and discomfort and indulge the self with instant gratification, denial, and other escapes. Happy and successful people are self disciplined and indulge themselves on occasion. Ice cream … Read more


Sometimes in life we have to settle. We can’t expect perfection in all things. But there is one area of life that if at all possible you shouldn’t settle. That’s in what you do every day, your job. You have heard the saying “follow your passion.” By doing what you love you guarantee that you … Read more

Giving Up

When you give up on doing something worthwhile you completely delete the possibility of something good happening in your life. Giving up can be an old habit you learned in childhood when you were helpless and vulnerable. If this is true in your case then do a reality check. Are you still helpless? Are you … Read more