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Worry is talking an attempt to resolve a problem to a destructive level. “If I worry about it that will help me keep an eye on the problem and maybe it will go away.” Or “If I worry about the possibility of something bad happening then I can prevent it from happening by constantly thinking about it.” Or “If I imagine the worst things that can happen then I can stop them from happening.” Sometimes worry actually produces the thing we fear most since we tend to create what we focus upon. People who worry excessively are unhappy people. Problem solving can be helpful but worry is destructive. When you realize that worry doesn’t stop or solve a problem you can choose to stop worrying. I know this sounds difficult and it can be hard to stop worrying. But realize that if you are a worrier you have developed a really bad habit. Bad habits can be broken by realizing that you no longer need it. Constantly remind yourself to stop. Concentrate instead on doing what you can do solve the problem then let it go. Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t think about it. It simply means you think about it in a constructive way.

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