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Not In The Now

You’ve heard, “Be in the now.” There is something to it. Let’s explore this idea. If you observe your thoughts for a few minutes you may see that your thoughts focus on things past or things future. Things that happened and things that might happen. I believe that it’s necessary to have some of this kind of thinking. We do need to reflect on what we have experienced and make plans for the future. However, we can get caught in the past and future and miss the treasure of what’s happening in the moment. Past and future thinking can lead to a disconnect from yourself and cause depression and anxiety. Being present automatically connects you to yourself and offers the possibility of peace and joy. At first the concept of being in the now can be difficult to grasp but it’s really simple. Experiment with it. Practice focusing on what is happening in the quiet moment. In the beginning it may feel odd even disconcerting but in time you will come to value it.

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