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Instant Gratification

“I want it now” usually mean that you will get not only something less than what you really want/need but often something that is harmful to you. Here’s an example: you’re hungry and unwilling to go through the trouble of fixing yourself a healthy meal so you stop at fast food and eat something low in nutrition and high in calorie. Here’s another example: you’re impatient to wait for a friend to finish speaking so you interrupt and end up missing some important point and create anxiety in your friend who either shuts up or engages in the interruption game. Here’s another example: you enter therapy and unrealistically expect your therapist to give you results within just a few sessions resulting in your being disappointed in the therapy and your therapist and quit before you can have any real  benefit. Here’s another example: Instead of researching products and prices you impulsively buy something off the shelf that ultimately doesn’t serve your purposes and end up not using it. Here’s another example: you refuse to read the instructions on assembling a newly arrived contraption and end up breaking it or messing up the project requiring you to start over or abandon it. Need I say more? Patience serves you. Try it out.

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