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Avoiding Confrontation

OK, nobody likes confrontation. At least most of us who aren’t looking for a fight. But consider this: most confrontation can be quite tame, even satisfying, and can open the door to very positive results. Learning the tools for win-win communication can be the turning point for you. Often most confrontation can simply be stating the obvious in a positive manner without shaming the other person. For example, “You and I are in business together and I know we both want to have it be a success. This is my (upsetting, negative, distressing, or unproductive) experience. I want…..(state what you want.) What do you want? Can you help? Can we talk about this?” Showing the other person that although you may have (even serious) concerns that your heart is in the right place. You are not out to teach a lesson, take revenge, or shame. You are there to solve a problem that once solved will benefit everyone including them. When you care and your concerns are justified most people will respond positively. If not, then consider alternate plans. Either way you are in control of your life. Caring confrontation is good.

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