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Unfinished Business

Are you one of those people who feels frequently overwhelmed?  Too much unfinished business is surely a happiness robber. Remember the old rule: first things first. It’s a bad feeling to have things hanging over your head. Remember what “Grandma” used to say. Do the dishes before you leave the house. Don’t take on a new project before you have finished the last one. Clean out that closet and get rid of old junk. Pay those bills. Clean up the yard. The list can be long. The longer it is, the more it’s an emotional burden on you. This is true for another kind of unfinished business-the unfinished business that can happen in relationships. You might carry the emotional burden of not making that phone call you know you need to make, putting off the effort to finish that commitment you made to your boss, delaying your apology to your friend, or refusing to having that conversation you’ve been meaning to have.  So you can have emotional unfinished business and physical unfinished business. Unburden yourself and make a list. Prioritize the items. Then take a step. It may feel overwhelming but taking a small step will make you feel better. You will have already accomplished something.

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