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Trust Your Perceptions

Dear One you are single and when you agreed to a date with Ron you had high hopes that perhaps you had met The One or at the very least a good friend. After your initial emails on the internet dating site your telephone conversations were exciting. He said that spirituality was very important to him and told you of the books he had read on the subject. You thought what a find it was to meet a man who professed to follow his spiritual path and that meeting someone who was also into spirituality was so important to him. How could it go wrong? So when you met him at the appointed place for coffee you had high expectations and wings on your feet. And yet at some point the conversation ceased and it seemed you had nothing to discuss. When you parted he said, “See ya” in that tone that meant that he had just tossed you to the fishes. And you blamed yourself. You thought that there must be something wrong with you that he had no interest in you. But Dear One listen again to what you told me you saw when you first met him. You said that his eyes looked angry. You said that he had arrived early at the restaurant and had called you while you were on your way to tell you that he was there and that he sounded angry. You said that once he had sounded judgmental when you spoke. Trust your perceptions. Read between the lines. Just because someone says they are into spirituality doesn’t mean that they are following the path. Humans are human. Trust what you know on a deeper level.

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