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Never Give Up

Dear One you are worthy of any and all efforts to free yourself. Never give up on yourself. Yes, I know that growing is difficult. Change is hard. Sometimes we stay in the same uncomfortable circumstances in our lives just because it’s familiar. But do this, Dear One. Face change like a warrior. Look at it in the face and cry, “I will not allow you to run my life. I will weather you and when I’m done I will be victorious!”  So what if you have a relapse. So what if you make mistakes along the way. So what if you get confused. So what if others are disappointed in you or want you to be someone else. So what if you get tired or overwhelmed. Listen to your heart and intuition. You know the truth of what is best. And remembering that what is best isn’t always the easiest way, do the best you can. The best you can. Remember that you are a child of God and no less than precious material. Knowing these things allows you to persevere with determination. That’s what I call Warrior Spirit. Never give up. Face the dragon. When you do the dragon may cry, “I will kill you if you dare to face me.” And you cry back, “I would rather die than live another day run by you.” And the dragon will die when you say that. And you will be free.

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