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Communication Tip

Dear One it’s important to learn how to say what you want and need in such a way as to leave the possibility for good to happen. All too often we say, “I want this or that,” or “I don’t want this,” or “I don’t want that” without considering how it sounds to our listener. When communicating ask yourself what you ultimately want with that person. Remember that a request made too hastily or with a tone may result in ending the relationship or at least causing distrust. Most of us want our relationships to be positive and to reflect a loving feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to see that what looks like a challenging interchange end up being positive. Here is an example of what happened to me the other day. A window had been broken in my office and needed replacing along with the bent screen which was to be placed in the waiting room when the technician was finished assessing the job. However, he misplaced the screen and when I called to find its whereabouts the owner of the company spoke with an impatient and condescending tone. I said, “I want to do business with you and I’m thinking you want to do business with me,” to which he answered enthusiastically, “Yes.” I said, “Please speak to me without a tone. It makes things a lot easier. Will you please do that?” to which he said he could. And he did. Don’t be afraid to be direct and kind at the same time.

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