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Finding Yourself Without A Man

Dear One you find yourself between two loves and you want to find out who you are so you can choose. Finding out who you are, really connecting with yourself, is one of the most important things you can do. Sometimes that journey to the self requires taking a solitary road for a time. You say you don’t want to be alone. Relationship can be wonderful but it can also be a part of an addiction that can keep you from taking full responsibility for your life. If you became overly dependent on your parents as a child as an adult you can automatically jump into relationships that offer the illusion of that “safe haven.” There comes a point in everyone’s life, if they are to be fully adult, that they separate from all emotional dependency on others and find their strength from within. By insisting that you “find yourself” while still in a relationship for the comfort of not having to be alone you may be cheating yourself out of becoming an adult. All of us are afraid of being alone when we are children. That is natural. However, one of the indications that you have made the transition into adulthood is the willingness to go it alone if necessary. Perhaps finding yourself mean you be without a man for a while.

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