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The Danger Of “I Don’t Know”

Dear One you say “I don’t know” and “I can’t” like you are eating a bag of potato chips. It’s like you can’t stop and are addicted to the state of not knowing and not moving forward. When you tell yourself that you don’t know something you are automatically stopping yourself from solving a problem or creating something new and better in your life. “I don’t know” keeps you stuck. In a real way it is the essence of emotional irresponsibility. If you don’t know something then there is nothing you can do. It’s as though you are waiting for someone who “knows” to come along and solve the problem for you. The reality is that somewhere inside you, you do know. Yes, there is a knowingness within you. And yes, it may be buried deep beneath the hard rock of your denial. Take the risk of being wrong. Start to trust yourself and your inner guidance. You are already paying the price of “not knowing” and not taking responsibility for so many things in your life. You are anxious and caught in addictive behavior. You are very unhappy. Why not take a chance and experiment with trusting what you do know. Take a guess even. Guessing is better than what you are now doing. Come out of the dark into the light of your knowingness and begin to act on what you know to be true.

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