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Face Difficulties

Consider this truth about life: When you avoid your life’s challenges they have power over you. When you face them you have power over them. Sometimes I think of this truth like the story of the dragon. The story goes something like this: Once there was a man who saw a dragon that frightened him so much that he began to run. The more he ran the more the dragon screamed, “If you dare to face me I will kill you.” One day the man thought, “I’d rather die than live like this any more.” So he stopped running and faced the dragon saying, “Kill me if you must but I will no longer run from you.” The dragon immediately died. It’s a paradox in life that those things that we fear most tend to disappear when we face them. Your life difficulty be a simple as cleaning up a messy room or as stressful as facing a devastating illness. When you face the problem squarely you begin the process of coming to peace with it. No doubt life is difficult. Facing the difficulties makes it less difficult. And in between life’s difficulties you can find genuine peace of mind.

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