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Device Addiction – How Addicted Are You?

Are you comforted by the proximity of your cell phone, iPad, or laptop? Would you be anxious if you were not allowed to use your devices or if they were misplaced and had no access to them for hours, days, or weeks? If you answer “yes” you are not alone. We are addicted to our devices. No doubt about it.

Here is an example of how addicted we are…and how afraid we are to be separated from them. For years I have conducted personal growth workshops. So my clients can concentrate on doing the work of personal growth without distraction I have asked that they leave their devices at home or at least allow me to hold them while the workshop is in session. At the beginning of the “digital revolution” my clients were willing to comply without complaint. Now, several years later, many of my clients will not even participate in a workshop unless they have instant access to their devices. Some people would become actively angry if asked to give up their cell phone even for a short time.

This series of articles on device addiction will explain why we are so addicted, the personal price we pay for our addiction, and what we can do about it. So stay tuned as this post continues.

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