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Addiction to Devices

Our culture has entered into a never before recognized addition. It is the addiction to devices and the information and entertainment they provide. Computers, iPads, and smart phones dominate our attention with the compulsive and often mindless need for talk, email, Facebook, Twitter, applications, games, YouTube, etc. The list is almost endless. The seduction of these devices is so powerful and unconscious that it seems we cannot help ourselves. How often do you check your email, send a text, or keep your smart phone near by in hopes that someone will “connect” with you? How often do you turn to your computer to just check something out- a fact, a person, a website? How often do you play some virtual game, watch a video, or listen to music? When you are in a restaurant or just out and about or in your car how often do you see someone (or yourself) connected in some way to a device? How often do you multitask? We are addicted. Really addicted and there is a great price we are paying. While we are connected to our devices we are entirely disconnected from ourselves. This condition causes many problems in our lives. But there is hope. Keep reading this series on device addiction. Maybe it will open a door for you to find more peace and happiness in your life.

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