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Device Addiction – Purpose of Addiction

All addictions are designed to be comforting…or more accurately, distracting from the uncomfortable feelings rising from the subconscious mind. All addiction is escape from some kind of pain: pain from forgotten or denied childhood conflict, pain from loss, pain from misfortune, poverty, rejection, mistakes made, pain from failure. Some addictive behavior is so effective as to fool the addict into thinking he or she is actually happy. But remove the addictive device, in this case access to smart phone, iPad, computer, etc., and the pain begins to rise causing increasing discomfort and need for escape. The addict is left with one of two choices: find another addiction or face the pain. If you would like to test to see if you are addicted to your device(s) put yourself to the test. Choose one behavior such as checking your email or going to Facebook and forbid yourself from indulging for three days. How does it feel? Is it uncomfortable? How uncomfortable? When you go back to your usual (addictive) behavior do you feel relief? Doing this exercise may show you how you have been using your devices to avoid feeling pain or discomfort.

Stay tuned to this series of articles on device addiction. You will learn not only the cause of addiction, but its resolution. By facing your addiction to your devices you will grow and in your growth find a peace of mind you have been longing for.

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