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Depression Nine: Bitterness And Blame

By the time Alex was fifty eight he’d had two strokes and open heart surgery. Although he lived alone and could take care of himself he couldn’t see well, drive a car, nor could he walk without great effort. His depression was constant and it lived like a cloud over his head every waking moment. Alex who had been generally an affable friend to all gradually began to express irrational anger and blame on everyone and everything around him that was a source of frustration. Alex had become increasingly bitter about his life, feeling like a failure. Gradually his friends who had supported him throughout it all began to withdraw. Alex bitterly blamed them for being bad friends. Certainly Alex’s depression was justified. Loss of health and mobility can be devastating. However, Alex forgot a very important thing. As he was creating more misery for himself by becoming bitter about his life he forgot to ask what lessons he was to learn. Perhaps his lesson was acceptance. Perhaps it was finding something to give to others in a new way. Perhaps it was to forgive something in his past. Perhaps it was to realize he was safe in the hands of God. Whatever his lesson, Alex never asked and his life became more and more miserable. Not only was his body crippled, he was crippled inside. If you are disabled don’t let your disability do this to you. Ask what you are to learn and learn it.


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