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Depression Ten: Unrecognized Depression

Nila lived with a chronic depression since her childhood. She came from a depressed family, her parents and siblings all lived with depression. The only thing was that no one recognized that they were depressed. Mother would say, “I’m having a bad day.” Father would come home from work angry and tired. Her siblings would spend their free time in front of the television or reading in their rooms. There was no joy, no eager anticipation for living each day, no pleasure in setting and working for goals, no sense of having a calling.  Nila grew up thinking that this was a normal reasonably happy way to live. It wasn’t until Nila came to me for therapy that she began to recognize that she was indeed depressed. At first it was difficult to accept that she grew up in a depressed environment. As she began to become more conscious of her childhood and its influences she began to take emotional risks she had never before considered. She began to try new things, allow her creative side to be expressed, and most importantly she began to feel genuine love for others. As she came to life she began to feel moments of joyful anticipation for what would be next in her life. Nila’s depression left her and she felt like a cool fresh breath of air had filled her space.

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