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Depression Eight: Staying Stuck

Have you ever been stuck in a lifestyle, habit, or addiction where you feel like you didn’t have the power to get yourself free? Being chronically overweight, smoking, drinking, staying in a relationship or a job that’s not right for you can cause a constant low grade depression. Perhaps it seems that when every you get ready and committed to do something about your situation you stop. Then perhaps you feel even more depressed because you feel you have failed yourself. Facing your problem squarely and struggling though it to victory builds your character. Perhaps it would be good for you to negotiate with yourself. Take a close look at what you will have to experience or sacrifice when you do what you know you have to do. Be willing to agree that you will endure the struggle until you are free. For example, if you are afraid to quit smoking because you fear you will gain weight and become irritable and miserable then decide that you are willing to endure these things. When you do you will be proud of yourself, lose the weight, and become nice again. You will not only be a happy non-smoker, you will no longer have depression.

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