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Take Responsibilty

Mistakes are the backbone of learning. Mistakes are necessary so don’t be afraid of making them. And when you do make a mistake, own it. Never shame yourself or beat yourself up for your mistakes. Your mistakes are extremely valuable teaching tools. By owning your mistakes you achieve a number of things. You learn what works and what doesn’t. You can initiate the needed changes. You build your character. You place yourself in a position of power. You gain not only your own respect, you gain the respect of others. You cultivate wisdom and understanding. By taking responsibility for your mistakes and for all you do in your life you empower yourself. If anyone tries to criticize or shame you for your mistakes remember that no one is exempt from making mistakes and no one has the right to shame you. Instead be eager to learn what your mistakes are teaching you. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this”  and listen to that little voice inside yourself. Those who try to pass the buck and refuse to learn are doomed to repeat their mistakes. So be proud of yourself for your mistakes and your courage and wisdom to learn from them.

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