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Even Death Won’t Part Us Now

Do you remember the movie, West Side Story? One of the love songs shared by Tony and Marie had the lyric, “Even death won’t part us now.” What a wonderful thought. Death can’t take from us what we hold most precious….love. I believe that this is true. In my work as a therapist I often tell my clients that they have within them a knowingness, a spirit. Some call it Christ Consciousness. Some call it Higher Power. Because I have clients of all and no religious beliefs I use the words Great Loving Wise One to describe this part of the self.  When we are consciously connected with this part of ourselves we can feel and know the depth of the love that is there for us. In those precious moments we realize that love transcends death. How to get to that knowingness is a part of my job.

When I have a client who is in a great deal of psychological pain coupled with a great desire to get out of that pain I know I have a client I may be able help find this connection. Actually, the pain they experience is a necessary part of the discovery of this vital spiritual connection. Not only is the pain the motivation, it is the springboard to experiencing the love. Using that pain I step by step take my client toward their Truths. All psychological pain is based on deeply held thoughts that separate us from love. Simply put, once we recognize the thoughts, where they come from, express the emotions, and see the truths behind the lies, we can connect with our Great Loving Wise Self. This takes courage but it is doable.

The love we have potential to feel is limitless. It is an experience that is beyond words to express. This is the love that holds us even during our darkest moments.  The more we connect with this love when we are healthy and reasonably functional, the more it embraces us in times of need.

Use your painful challenges to seek this love. It is yours forever beyond death.

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