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Self Esteem – Everybody’s Problem

Self Esteem - Everybody's Problem 1Everyone has at some time or another a self esteem problem. It is a part of being human. This is a truth about human nature that escapes many. For example, you may think that only some people have to struggle with self esteem. You may think that some people had such a great childhood and have such wonderful support that self esteem could never be a problem. You may look at certain people and see what appears to be solid self confidence. The truth is that every human being has certain doubts and fears about his or her worthiness.

Consider this. We are all on a path toward self realization. Perhaps some are more advanced on the path than others, but each of us, whether we know it or not, are on the same path. We are all driven by the same subconscious drive to be loved, to be safe, and to be worthy. Life is difficult and holds many challenges. On our journey toward self realization we encounter many challenges. The way is not always clear nor is it easy. In fact, sometimes this journey through life is downright difficult. How we deal with life’s challenges often determines our inner view of ourselves. How we deal with life’s challenges determines our self esteem. No human is always clear or does the right thing. We make mistakes. We fail. We struggle. We don’t always act with courage. Sometimes we take the easy way rather than the right way. That is a part of being human. The more clear we become, the more we do the right thing, the higher our self esteem. Self esteem can be increased or decreased by our attitudes and actions.

Observe your decisions and actions. When you do the right thing, when something is difficult and you over come it, when you suffer for the right cause, you are building your self esteem. If you don’t, welcome to the human race. Though you should always strive to do the right thing and have the right attitude, you are not perfect and will sometimes fail. Be forgiving of yourself and get back on the right path. You will build your self esteem.

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