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Taking Action On Your True Calling

Knowing your true calling is one thing. Taking action on it is another. Here are some helpful steps on how to take action on making your true calling into a reality.

First, if you know your true calling you are automatically pulled to take action. When you know your true calling you have a feeling of excitement. You can’t wait to begin living it. However, it is not uncommon to have some fears and doubts about it. You may think, “What if it doesn’t work?” or “Can I make a real living doing this?” or “What if I make a fool of myself?” or “What if I just waste my time?” or “What if I don’t have the money needed to start?”

There is certainly value in being practical. Sometimes you have to temporarily suspend the practical and keep your mind open to possibilities. Begin by visualizing what it would be like to live your dream. Your visualizations will create an energy that will spread and often be responded to with open doors and opportunities you never expected.

Take a small step. Do something that begins the process. Research it. Just doing research on some aspect of your dream puts that creative energy out into the universe. Trust that process of energy. It is very real and very powerful.

Talk to people who support you about your dream. Their enthusiasm will encourage you to take more action.

Every little step you take will encourage you and further your excitement. Be determined. Do something every day…however small. Make that commitment to do some thing every day a non-negotiable effort. Each action will lead to the next and before you know it you have created your dream.


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