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Dance To My Music

Dear One you have taken my songs and danced your heart out expressing the depth of your soul’s longing for Spirit. How touching your movements are that I want to share them with my world as you have on YouTube.

You have danced here in the video above to “On The Wind,” a song about the little voice that is in all of us that tells us what we need to know about ourselves. “It’s on the wind. It’s blowing hard. It’s meant to awaken me. It’s meant for me to see. Oh, don’t go for another day hiding from the truth. Oh, don’t go for another day hiding from the truth.” I wrote this song for my DVD workshop, The Call To Adventure. It’s a workshop designed to assist people in being their own therapist. You, Dear One, have embraced this song with your whole body. Every move reflects your desire for Truth and a knowledge of how finding Truth requires Warrior Spirit. When you were participating in The Renaissance Experience Workshop (five day intensive program) you demonstrated Warrior Spirit and inspired all of us. I know your desire for Truth will always call to you in your life and lead you to where you need to go to find peace. Thank you for your generous giving.

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