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How To Connect With Your Higher Power

Research shows that those that have a personal relationship with a higher power cope better with life’s challenges. You don’t have to be ‘religious’ to connect with your higher power. Everyone has within them a spiritual center that is loving and wise. Turning to this part of yourself can bring joy, comfort, and peace of mind. Making this connection during times of trial can be life saving. Develop the habit of connecting with this part of your self daily. Doing so will deepen your connection and make it easier for you during times of need.

How do you connect with this wonderful part of yourself?  There are many schools of thought, philosophies, and religions that offer an answer to this universal question. Here is a simple down-to-earth explanation.

First you must have a desire to connect with your spiritual self. Not just an intellectual desire. Not just a conservative emotional desire. You must have a driving desire. This desire must be so strong that it opens the door to experiencing something you have never experienced before. This desire of often born of despair. In fact, despair is a must for most of us. Despair breaks down the ego and allows us to call out for help. You must be unwilling to experience another moment of the suffering that comes from being alienated from your true self.

Go within yourself. Call out to the deepest part of yourself. Let it know you want this connection. Persevere with quiet determination. Sit with it. Listen to any inner guidance that comes to you. Trust that which moves you toward love and joy.

Go to that joy and love. Don’t wait for it to come to you. You go to it. Choose it. Let the doubt and fear fall away. Focus totally on placing yourself in the consciousness of joy and love. Be in it. Surrender to it. This is an irrational act based on your desire and faith. It will embrace you and there you will find joy, love, and peace of mind.


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