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What Makes A Healing Miracle Happen?

I do not claim to be a miracle healer nor do I believe that I am a guru to be revered. However, I have been in practice for almost 40 years and I have seen what many would call miracles. I would like to share with you some of my observations and insights regarding the question, “What makes a healing miracle happen?”

In all my work with clients I have held a silent request that my words, actions, and energies be guided by the invisible hand of God. There have been times when I have urgently asked for guidance and have been amazed by the words and healing power that pours through me bringing comfort and healing to my client. These moments are amazing to me for it is clear that a power other than my own has lovingly passed through me to help my client.

In my clients who have a true healing experience I have noticed several factors that I think have helped make the healing possible. First, they approach the session with an open heart and mind. They don’t over analyze, judge, or doubt. They simply surrender to the experience. This in itself is a kind of miraculous effort in the face of a society that makes cynicism and doubt a virtue. Second, they open themselves to the experience of love and actually allow themselves to feel love. I have noticed that the experience of love is the opening door to miraculous healing. Love is like a cleanser that washes away doubt, fear, and cynicism. It fills the body and heart with a softness and light and an inexplicable joy. Those who have the courage to allow themselves to have this experience of unconditional love are truly fortunate. I believe any one can have this experience if they are ready to surrender to it.

Over the years I have come to see all that is manifested (problems, good fortune, good health, poor health, etc.) as being a reflection of energy. It goes something like this: thought creates an energy that affects the body and emotions. This energy is a creative and/or destructive force that governs our lives, our health, our relationship, our finances, etc. Change the energy and you change everything that energy has created. When this change happens it looks like a miracle. Actually, it is simply a reflection of the invisible laws of creation.

Have faith and believe in the invisible power of love and creative energy.

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